All of us on our own have over a decade filled with Beauty Adventures as professional makeup and hair artists...we are completely smitten with beauty! When providing full beauty experiences for weddings and other special events, it was only natural to invite our pro beauty pals to come along. Before we knew it, we were a full fledged beauty team, and
Polish and Pout was born!

Honestly there is something magical to us about
a brand new lipstick, tousled wavy hair, or a newly
discovered beauty technique!

It is only fitting that such experiences are shared! 
So cheers, to OUR new Beauty Adventures!

Take a peek at our team below! 

Hey lovely!
We’re so glad you stopped by! 

You know how in the movies when the main character has somewhere important to go and suddenly has nothing to wear and no idea what to do with her hair and makeup? Her bff saves the day and reminds her about that perfect dress in the back of her closet, busting out the mascara and hairspray all in the nick of time for her to run out the door heels in hand! 

Well consider us that bff, but even better because our stash of makeup and hair products is way bigger!

Meet P&P

A graduate of Makeup Designory, in Burbank California, Gina has over 17 years in film, print, and bridal under her belt. You’ve seen her work in magazines, blockbuster movies, and even American idol. A whiz at both bold glamour and soft fresh looks, you’ll always see her absolute favorite Dior Airflash foundation in her kit! 

lead makeup artist


An expert in both hairstyling and makeup artistry, Jess is the boss lady of this beauty crew. She did her first wedding over 13 years ago and there was no turning back! Specializing in solo brides, makeup lessons, and teens—Jess definitely loves wowing clients with a one on one boutique experience. 

creative lead


Robyn was that one person in highschool who always did hair for all her friends when it came time for a dance. So after graduating, heading to cosmetology school was a no-brainer! She’s been a licensed cosmetologist for almost 20 years. She started styling hair simply because she loves making people feel beautiful. That look of joy that someone has when they see themself in the mirror all ready is worth all the curling and all the pinning. Her favorite is that special moment when the moms and bridesmaids see the bride—absolute magic! Cutting and coloring came with her cosmo training, but styling is truly her gift.

lead hair stylist


Sidney has always had a fascination with transformation and emphasizing ones features with the power of makeup. With a background in painting, art was her first passion. After discovering makeup as its own form of art, the face became her new favorite canvas! She has been doing makeup formally for 4 years now and continues to expand her craft. Her keen ability to asses what a client is truly wanting is a superpower! 

lead makeup artist