Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! If there ever was a day to feel pretty, today would be the day! Whether you have a hot date, or are going to hang with friends, or if you (like me) are actually going to be sitting at home alone <<insert violin music here>> a good makeup look will make the day and night even more pleasant.

You know what else will make today great? Chocolate! I had the privilege of doing a guest post on a cooking/crafting blog today so you have to go check out my post and tell me what you think! I blogged the recipe to my mom-in-law’s chocolate dipped macaroons! Yum-O!


Don’t they look tasty?? Click here to get my recipe or just click on the picture of the macaroons! It’s not Valentine’s Day without a little chocolate!

So I planned a Valentine’s tutorial and then lo and behold Adele’s Grammy look was almost it exactly! So I made a few slight changes to match what she did!

Don’t you love her? Amazing talent and full of confidence…definitely doesn’t fit the normal Hollywood mold! So grab your brushes and red lipstick and settle in for a Valentine’s makeup look!

Ok, so if you’d like to do Adele’s look from her actual Grammy performance here is what you do:

They built on top of her red carpet look…so do the look in the tutorial, then add additional deep matte bronzer (contour) underneath your cheeks. She appeared to have a soft pink gloss on her lips so opt for that over the red lip. Since she did have a bold matte red lip on the red carpet it is more than likely that her lips had a slight stain when she removed her lipstick and that she put a neutral or clearish gloss on top! Then take a matte black shadow with your crease brush and work the color into your crease and into the outer third of your lid (that “v” area). That’s it folks!

Cheers to Valentine’s Day, Macaroons, and the lovely Adele,


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February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day Makeup: Adele’s Grammy Red Carpet Look