Bridal Hair $350
-on location styling
-the expertise, time, and attention of your stylist as well as their use of professional and luxury beauty products and tools

Attendant Makeup $185 each
Attendant Hair $185 each
**minimum booking requirement of bride plus 4 additional services

Bridal Makeup $350
-the expertise, time, and attention of your artist as well as their use of professional and luxury beauty products and tools
-on location makeup application
-customized lash application
-travel*, parking, any necessary tolls

BRIDAL with attendants hair and makeup package

We are so excited at the prospect of helping you craft the perfect look for your special event! We want you to walk into your day with a smile on your face, looking and feeling your very best!

Beauty adventures to be had

Makeup & Bridal Hair $1500
-the expertise, time, and full attention of your personal artist as well as their use of professional and luxury beauty products and tools for your ideal hair and makeup look
-services performed on location
-a customized lash application
-travel*, parking, any necessary tolls
-2 hours of additional on location assisting and touch ups, beginning after styling is complete

No attendants? No problem! Enjoy the luxury of your own personal beauty team.
No rushing, just our full attention on your big day!


Whether it’s a pre-planned small intimate event or spur of the moment nuptials...this package is ideal for a solo bride who would like to enjoy her services in studio.
$900 Monday through Thursday
$1400 Friday through Sunday
Includes a preview for hair and makeup as well as your hair and makeup for your big day. Both appointments take place in our lovely studio.


This Deluxe Package includes:
-1 in studio preview session for the bride
-A personal artist devoted to your comfort and beauty needs on your big day
-Hair and makeup for you the bride
-Hair and makeup artistry for up to
2 additional attendants, if desired. Additional ladies may be added for $300 each, please take into consideration time constraints during the getting ready time frame for a single artist.
-Touch ups during photos and post ceremony...whenever you need them!
-Travel from initial location to venue
-Look switch after ceremony if desired.

**Package includes the necessary styling time as determined by the artist, plus up to 4 hours of on location personal assisting.
**This package includes up to 1.5 hours of roundtrip travel to primary location and any travel to any secondary locations.
**On location personal assistance time begins as soon as the styling is completed and travel time to alternate locations also counts toward the time allotment.
**Additional time is available at the rate of $200 an hour.
**A 50% retainer is required to reserve this package.

A top shelf all-inclusive bridal beauty experience for $3500

Imagine having an artist collaborate with you to design your perfect hair and makeup and ahead of time, making sure your hair and makeup is exactly what you want on your big day, and rather than leaving afterwards, staying with you for the rest of your big day!

Your personal artist is there during your photo time to fluff your dress, hand you your water bottle if you’re thirsty, keep an eye on your shine, double check that every hair is in place. Having an artist there to touch you up right before you walk down the aisle.

A quick style change before your reception perhaps? Pull your hair entirely up for dancing maybe? Add a little smoke to your eye as you transition to evening?

Your reception is a dream! But, a smudgey lipstick kiss from your dear aunt is on your cheek. A little cake smashing occurred perhaps. A few sips later and your lipstick is gone. You forgot your flats for dancing in the car and need someone to fetch them for you. Your P&P Artist to the rescue!

A final touch up as you prepare your exit...

LUXURY package

While we call NorCal our home, we love to travel! Your beauty team can come to you wherever you decide to say I Do!

Destination weddings get to enjoy the same rates and services included in our Deluxe Package for each day of services needed plus the cost of travel and accommodations. Please inquire with the location and scheduling specifics for an exact quote.


Preview sessions are necessary for all brides. It is our opportunity to craft the perfect look for your big day and for you to get to know your beauty team better! You will be able to sit back and enjoy being taken care of on your wedding day knowing that everything will be exactly how you want it!

We discuss your daily beauty routine and determine the products and techniques best suited for your hair and skin.
The pictures and inspiration you bring will help us design your custom look.
One in-studio look for hair and/or makeup will be done at your session with necessary minor adjustments as we discuss the final product.
Makeup $175
Hair $175
Makeup and Hair $350

PREVIEW session

What about lashes?
We pride ourselves on our customized lash application! Through the use of individuals and trios of varying lengths and thicknesses we can get a one of a kind look on each and every client to best suit the desired look! We lean strongly towards this technique as it makes for a more long lasting lash, is much more comfortable, and they appear more natural in photos. Of course each individual eye shape and the desired effect is taken into consideration when making this decision.

What is photo ready makeup?
When we say photo ready, we mean the products are designed to appear correctly in camera and the amount applied is calculated with the situation in mind-- performance is the focus and everything is suitable for both flash and natural lighting. And it is our goal to not only make you look gorgeous in pictures but in person as well! And regardless of the method of photography, we do not rely on retouching to make our clients look amazing! Our approach and products make our clients photograph beautifully and look amazing in person as well.

What brands do you use?
We use many different brands and products, from luxury and professional lines. Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, MAC, Tigi, Big Sexy Hair, Kenra...these are just a few of the brands you might see when you book us. If it works the best, we use it!

Is airbrush makeup better than regular makeup?
No, airbrush makeup is not better than other makeup. Professionally applied makeup is what is better! While we do occasionally utilize the method, an airbrush machine is just a tool, like the other brushes, wands, and sponges in our kit. Sometimes the actual foundation is the exact same formula we would be using with hand tools. So while airbrush is a trend right now, we like to let the needs of the client's skin to determine which products we use and how we apply them. Customization is key!

Traumatized much?
Everyone has a makeup horror story: whether it is at a makeup counter, or for a friends wedding! Each Polish and Pout artist prides themselves on listening to the client (what they like, don’t like, lifestyle, everyday product usage), asking the right questions, and taking the time to figure out exactly what they want, what products would be best for them, and what look to achieve. Of course being professionals, we will make recommendations as far as what we think will look best for each individual client and help customize the look so that you feel comfortable while still being suitable for photography.

Do I have to look over the top?
We never force our own “beauty agenda” or use more or less than someone is comfortable with. Ultimately it is YOUR event (not ours!) so how YOU feel is what matters most. We have done clients with full glam level makeup/hair and clients with a barely-there no makeup look and relaxed styling...There is no room for an artist’s personal artistry or ego when it comes to makeup and hair. It is all about YOU. Period.

Are you only trained in bridal work?
Our experience and passion for the beauty industry runs deep. All of the Polish and Pout artists have been doing bridal and special event makeup professionally for at least 10 years or more. Most have managed or worked for luxury cosmetic lines, and all have done bridal, editorial, commercial, corporate, and lifestyle work. Many have work that has been published both nationally and internationally.

How experienced are you?
Polish and Pout artists are trained above and beyond what is necessary for any occasion! We take pride in constantly updating our product knowledge, techniques, and trends. Regular makeup and hair classes, attending seasonal trainings and professional events, and countless hours of pouring over magazines, books, and blogs to learn about the latest and greatest in beauty is a huge part of what we do.

Here are some things about us and about the products we use:


Travel expense included in packages is based on local events. The first hour of travel is included. Any additional travel time will be charged the rate of $100 an hour. Travel times are calculated round trip from our studio in Loomis, CA. Accommodations may be necessary for certain out of town locations, please inquire for more details.

Parties larger than 5 people total or with certain time constraints that require extra artists may be charged an additional $400 per artist. This is rare and only in the event of a concise timeline with a large party.

Timelines and party sizes that require a start time before 8am are subject to a convenience charge of $100/hr. Depending on how early the start time is, accommodations for the prior night may be necessary.

Weddings during peak season and those booked further than 9 months in advance may be subject to a higher contract minimum depending on the date, please inquire for further details.

Any booking may be canceled with 120 days or more advance notice with no charge, but any retainer or payments made will not be refunded. Cancellations closer than 120 days may incur a $500 cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 60 days in advance are subject to payment in full.

A 30% non refundable retainer is due upon booking. This secures your date and goes toward your full balance, the remainder of which is due 14 days prior to your event. This is separate from the preview session cost. Dates cannot be held without a signed contract and retainer.

Personal assisting/on location touch ups (additional time after styling is complete) is $150 an hour.

Personal assisting/on location touch ups (additional time after styling is complete) is $100 an hour per artist, plus any necessary charges for travel to alternate locations. 

Additional Information and Details