Whether you wear your hair up or down, curled or straight, one thing that’s for sure is no one wants flat-stuck-to your-head hair. Volume is key! Some simple teasing can take your hair from flat to amazing in a couple minutes. P&P hair stylist Ashley shows us how.

Tools: Grab a comb and some hair spray. You’re going to tease your hair in 3 sections, 2 layers each. On the back half of the crown of your head and on either side of your temples.

1. Lightly spray your first layer on the back section.

2. GENTLY, comb your hair down towards the root. Don’t be super aggressive.

3. Move up the section of hair as you comb down. Repeat in 2 layers in that first section.

4. Repeat in two layers on either side of your head. Sometimes only teasing one layer in each section makes the hair look flat and table like. 2 layers in each section will give the right amount of lift.

5. Remember to spray as you go…but lightly.

6. Fluff the ends of your hair a little so your volume isn’t isolated to your roots.

7. Smooth out your hair with your fingers or a comb…be careful, you want to smooth it but not get rid of the volume you created.


You know what they say, the higher the hair the closer to God!


So Cheers to Hairspray, Height, and Hair to the Heavens,


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August 6, 2013

Such a Tease: Voluminous Hair How-To