I absolutely LOVE false lashes…especially individuals! They really make eyes pop, but not in an over the top way…individuals can be believable, more so than a strip in my opinion. It’s more like ” hmm…her lashes are so great!” or “I wonder if she used Latisse.” Don’t get me wrong, strip lashes can be nice and fun, but individuals just have a certain something that I just love!

I often hear: “Aren’t individuals harder? They take so much time!” Perhaps it is a practice-makes-perfect situation but I actually find them easier. They take no thought. I don’t have to sweat lining them up perfectly likes strip and I don’t have to measure or trim. Plus, no fear of a corner lifting! And popping a few on the ends of my eyes when I’m pressed for time is a cinch and adds a lot! You convinced yet?

What you’ll need: individual lashes…I like Ardell’s, and I find that most (even those with “good” natural lashes) will use the “short” length (they come in short, medium, and long) if you want a plush lash that is believable. Lash glue…I like DUO (it is NOT latex free, for those of you with allergies FYI) and I get the one that dries black (vs. the one that dries clear). Tweezers are optional. I find that they get in my way and prefer to just use my fingers…but some people swear by tweezers. Your choice, do what works for you.

Quick tips:
I do one lash cluster at a time on each side, alternating back and forth so things are even steven.
Dip the lash in a little glue (you don’t need much!!) and let it dry for a sec so it’s tacky/sticky NOT wet. It will adhere better and stay put where you place it.
And finally, place the falsies into the root of your lash…not on your actual lash, not above your lash on your skin, but into the actual lash line.

Watch the video below for more tips and to see me apply them! Good luck and let me know how they turn out for you!


Cheers to Lashes, to Glue, and to Fluttery Eyes that Pop!

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January 19, 2012

Individual False Lashes: How To