Hair styling secret

I was so excited to try this back when it first hit the US market (finally)!  It had so much hulabaloo over how amazing it was…and while I thought “oh it can’t be THAT good”…my curiosity was still piqued…

It’s the Elnett Satin Hairspray from L’Oreal Paris

So here is my complete opinion on it…

The hairspray claims that it provides excellent hold but that it is so fine it disappears at the stroke of a brush…well…this is…TOTALLY TRUE! Yup, you heard me, true story.  It definitely holds hair in place…but as I experienced first hand at several photoshoots I styled hair at, I was able to change the models style without having to wrestle with her hair…it brushes right out and I was able to restyle in a flash! LOVE this product for that touchable look we all want (while still maintaining the look) and also for situations where you might need to change styles in a jiffy!

(Me…styling hair for a wedding)

Anywhoo…the only drawback I could tell you is the smell…now don’t get me wrong…it kinda smells a little old-lady-ish to me but I don’t mind it one bit.  BUT my lovingly darling, always tactful husband told me that the smell was unbearable, that it gave him a headache, and that I should never use it in the house if I didn’t want him to throw up! Yikes! Overly sensitive man-nose?  I am not sure…but thought I’d mention it in case any of you are sensitive in that department…It wasn’t my favorite scent, but just smelled like product to me!  I still love it!!

Buuuut…I do only use it for shoots now or occasion where I am not getting ready at home, out of courtesy for my husband 😉

Here’s a how-to on a quick-chic hairstyle you can try (and you can can use the hairspray too while you’re at it!)

Cheers to hair-styling, to product, and to olfactory-opinioned husbands,


  1. Lydia says:

    This sounds great for when I want to do something completely different the next day and don't have time to wash out loads of hairspray!

  2. Malisa says:

    I loved the music on your hair tutorial video. Other than straightening my hair, I tend to be very blah with my styles. Keep these videos coming, they are super helpful. Love you!

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