Christmas Delights!

It’s Christmas Eve and I am snuggled up by fire perfectly content…and I cannot think of a single thing I am wanting or wishing for…all I can think about are the things I already have and I the things I have enjoyed this holiday season that I don’t want to end!

Like Christmas lights! And being all bundled up with my Sweetie as we walk around and see them!


Hot Chocolate with whipped cream…and better yet: shared with a friend!


And this little blurry memory of me and my little sister (Not sure how that red splotch got on the pic! So bummed about that!) Excited over Christmas in our little jammies…and I thought it’d be so fun to put the stockings on our feet!

How nice it would be to enjoy every holiday like I did then…no sense of rush or worry, not concerned with whether I bought enough or planned everything just right…just soaking in all of the Christmas delights…faith like a child!  That is what I wish for each and every one of you.


So Cheers to Hot Chocolate, to Bright Lights, and To Child-like Wonder,

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