Winged liner is one of my favorite looks! It’s a super quick way to look done up without having to bother with tons of eyeshadow. Whether its a subtle wing or a dramatic bold line…the list of occasions to rock this look at is endless!

Liner can be tricky…and the old saying “practice makes perfect” definitely applies in this instance as well. But here are a couple of simple tricks that will make your cat-eye so much easier to achieve!

The biggest tip is to do your normal liner first, then TILT YOUR HEAD BACK to do the wing! If you close your eye or pull at your lid it will end up being in the wrong spot or at the wrong angle…not to mention it will be almost impossible to get your eyes to look even.

Find the spot you want your liner to end at draw your wing towards your eye. It may be instinctive to flick your liner out, but it will be so much easier drawing your wing in reverse. Then just connect the edge and fill in as necessary.

There you have it! Such a great technique to add to your repertoire for Fall!

Cheers to Practice making Perfect, Eyeliner, and Fall (it’s almost here!),

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August 28, 2013

How-To: The Perfect Cat-Eye