Ever have this happen to your eyeshadow or powder or blush or…the list goes on and on…Turns out it wasn’t as safe as you thought in your bag or you accidentally knock it on the floor and…  

Ugh. This drives me nuts! I used to just use what I could and toss. Then it occurred to me that I could just crush it up and put in an empty jar as a loose powder product (um duh, why did I ever toss anything?)…but then an even more amazing solution presented itself…

Makeup surgery! Hand me a spatula and bottle of alcohol stat!

 Gather up all of the broken pieces into the container you want it in. Spray the alcohol onto the product generously. Use the spatula (or knife etc) to spread the alcohol into the product, smoothing the product and eliminating seams in the process. It’s very important That you do not touch the product with your fingers, as the oil from your skin may transfer to the product and begin to break it down and disturb the “surgical” process! Let dry for the necessary amount of time (depends on size of the product). 

I let this guy dry overnight before touching since it was big! The alcohol evaporates out and…Voilá! 

Makeup is once again usable and the color is not affected! Give it a shot next time you have a makeup accident!


Cheers to Powders, Spatulas, and Mending what’s been Broken,

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March 24, 2012

Makeup Surgery: fixing your broken powders