Nail polish tragedy

My story with nails is a bit of a tragic one. I can still remember vividly the day that my mother, in an effort to encourage me not to grow up too fast, decided that it wasnt appropriate to have my nails painted. She told me I no longer could and that I’d have to wait until jr high to do it.  Needless to say, I was devastated! I could not understand why one day it was ok for me to paint my nails and the next it wasnt anymore…highly tragic…

on models nails: mint sorbet by sally hansen


So did my mom succeed in helping us not grow up to fast? I’m not sure…but what I will say is that the second I was in jr high and it was ok to paint my nails I ran to the store and spent all of my hard earned baby sitting money on nail polish…there were WAY too many shades to choose from though…pink, blue, purple, forest green (yes, that color was popular at the time!)…what is a girl to do?

So I made the most logical decision and bought as many shades as was humanly possible and changed my nail polish color just about every other day…I couldn’t get enough! I can even recall sneaking some polish into the bathroom at school to paint my nails in the stall! I mean I didnt have time to do it at home before I left…priorities people!

For those of you who have known me for any lengthy period of time know that I had my nails consistently painted black for about 7 years…as of late in an effort to change it up and not get stuck in a rut I have channeled my inner jr higher and resumed changing my nail polish color often!


clockwise from top left: Graphite by Chanel, my custom blend nude, Aloha by Dior, and Primrose Hill by Butter London

While I applaud my mother for encouraging me to stay young, I must say that if I become a mother and my child expresses an interest in painting their nails, I will be the first one to bust out my bottle of Chanel Vamp and paint their little paws!


So Cheers to jr high, recovering from childhood tragedies, and nail polish,

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