Breaking Bad Beauty Habits: Brush Care! And which brushes to even buy…

Not washing your makeup brushes regularly: this is a super common mistake that even I am guilty of! This is so bad for a number of reasons…oils and bacteria from your face attach to the brushes you use and can affect the quality of your skin!

Many times when I break out I look at the area of my breakout and ask myself what brushes do I use on that area? When was the last time I deeply cleaned my brushes? More times than I care to admit poor brush care is to blame! Also, the better you treat your brushes, the longer they’ll last. And the cleaner your brushes are, the less likely the oils and bacteria from your face will break down the products you use.

Washing your brushes every other week at least with something antibacterial will have a huge payoff! Make sure you lay them flat to dry so the water does not creep up the handle and split or damage the brush!

Want to know what to wash your brushes with? Watch the tutorial below for a DIY brush cleanser recipe! Want to expand your brush collection? Me and fellow artist Lindsey will give you the low down on where to splurge and where to save when it comes to brushes…


Cheers to Brushes, Brush Cleanser, and Breaking those Bad Beauty habits,

  1. I never thought that the brush also damage our skin and I always change my make up brush after 8 or 9 months but after reading your post I think I should aware of this part. Thanks so much

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