Help! My Skin Is…

Skin changes in the winter, and even though Spring is around the corner and it may be sunny, it’s still cold and windy! Sometimes we dry out or or struggle with dullness, flakiness…

Enter Maggie, with 10 years in the beauty industry under her belt, licensed esthetician, fashion blogger, and –all around amazingly gorgeous super sweet hard to hate her even though you kinda want to cuz she’s perfect–to answer our questions and help those of us struggling with our skin changing right now!

Exfoliation is key. No matter your skin type is everyone creates a build up of dead skin causing that dull, drab appearance. Most sensitive skin types prefer a chemical form of exfoliation. For example fruit enzymes or resurfacing acids (glycolic). This type of exfoliation sits on the surface of the skin and eats away the dead skin. A physical form of exfoliation is best for a more tolerable or thicker skin type. Physical meaning a scrub with granules used in a circular motion to remove dead skin.

Maggie recommends: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads (MD Skincare) for chemical exfoliation, and Canyon Ranch Radiance Scrub for physical

At home, start exfoliating every third day if you have never exfoliated before. After about a month, bump up to every other day then eventually, depending on your skin type, every day. Make sure the product you are using is intended for daily use once you get to that point. Otherwise, you may end up desensitizing your skin. If you prefer to go see a professional, your go-to service for chemical exfoliation will be a glycolic peel. For physical form, get a type of microdermabrasion!

So why does our skin change in the winter?

Your skin is a protective organ. When you are exposed to extreme climate changes your skin goes into protective mode and retains all it’s internal moisture causing that tight dry feeling. The best thing to do is properly exfoliate and continually hydrate through the winter months.

Maggie recommends Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer for normal to dry skin or Avene Light Hydrating Cream for normal to oily skin.

Thanks Maggie for the advice! Stay tuned for more of Maggie’s favs this month!

Cheers to Exfoliating, Hydrating, and Fabulous Skin no matter the season,

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