Just a quick bit of inspo for all of my fellow Latinxs out there! This week in anticipation of Dia de Muertos, I envisioned a calavera with varying tones of brown and black and here’s how it turned out…


I of course had to bust out my Gold Metallic Powder and Mixing Liquid from Mehron…that has seriously been my October staple product!  


Tony Moly Black gel eyeliner was perfect for the black outlines and nose. And my favorite brown and black shadows provided the shading! Simple but striking…it was fun to step away from the traditional white base and I love how it turned out!  




Needles to say, it made grocery shopping much more eventful!  And I think I have some great ideas for our upcoming Dia inspired photoshoot! Can’t wait to see how our trio of Mexican models turn out…so stay tuned for more calavera inspo soon! 




Want to see the start to finish video of this look? Head to our Instagram @polishandpout to see the fun time lapse! 


October 20, 2017

Dia de Muertos: A Modern Spin on a Classic Calavera

Chocolate is yummy…combine it with coconut and its phenomenal! Plus it has antioxidants in it right? So it’s good for you ya? Yes, this is true.  In fact, I am certain that chocolate makes you pretty. Ok so now that we’ve established that, it gives me the excuse to share this recipe with you…

My mother in law makes amazing chocolate dipped macaroons, which results in me gaining 5 lbs everytime I see her…umm, I mean makes me lose 5 lbs (because chocolate makes you pretty remember?). And without fail, everytime she serves these tasty little morsels people are bombarding her asking her for the recipe.  She always swears they are so easy anyone could make them. Is she right? Yes! They are my go-to when I’m entertaining and need a quick dessert– insert everyone asking for the recipe again–they taste super without chocolate too by the way.






See…aren’t they pretty? A treat for the eyes and the tastebuds!  Be warned, my mother in law is an intuitive cook so her recipes are always a bit vague!


You will need:


2 14oz cans of sweetened condensed milk


2 teaspoons of vanilla extract


2 to 3 14oz bags of sweetened flaked coconut


Mix everything together in as bowl. I found that I used one full bag of coconut and almost all of the second bag. Use as much as you need until you get a nice thick, sticky “cookie dough” texture. Not too dry, you need the ingredients to stick together. Roll about a tablesoon of the mixture in the palm of your hands into a ball and place onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Bake at 325 until golden brown.


To dip in chocolate make a basic double boiler and melt 2 bags of semisweet chocolate chips with a tablespoon of oil. Dip half of the cooled macaroon into the mixture (from the side, not the top). If the macaroon developed a “ruffle” on the bottom while it cooked then trim it off after cooling before you dip them! Return them to the parchment paper and cool completely.


Easy as pie…I mean easy as macaroons! By far my favorite treat and always impresses! Perhaps something to try today for the Holidays? Enjoy!


Cheers to Makeup, Macaroons, and Making Holiday Treats,


December 10, 2015

Holiday Treat: Chocolate Dipped Macaroons

Allow me to introduce you to my friend Selena Navarrete. Words like “art” and “artist” get tossed around often but Selena and her work magnificently embodies these words. Seriously people, she makes me want to remove the word “artist” from my title because she brings an entirely different level of meaning to the term.


I was super fortunate to enjoy a long conversation with her about her life and her craft–which are one and the same–and was left marveling at how a single person can possess such ability and imagination! Selena creates Mexican folk art and also happens to be an amazing makeup artist (she even does permanent makeup!)…Did I mention she is entirely self taught?





“As far back as I can remember I’ve always thought of myself as an artist. We were pretty broke growing up, but my mom would always think of fun projects like going to the beach to collect things to glue to paper. Instead of spending money we made art, would paint, would draw.”




“I started out in fine arts…I loved photography and even had my own dark room. I also painted with oils and acrylics. I started working on gourds after becoming a mother. Once my daughter and son were born we went to Apple Hill every year. One year we went and there were Apple gourds . I thought they looked like a box of skulls…so I got a box and started painting!”







“I learned there was a local gourd farm in Folsom. So I went out there and realized there were so many different shapes of gourds. So I started sculpting with them. Blue (her son) suggested cutting them in half for two masks.”




“My father is Puerto Rican, mom is Mexican and creole. The Day of the Dead connection in my work…comes from dealing with death, not from necessarily the cultural root of the traditions. I wasn’t born in a small Mexican town. I grew up in south central LA.”




“It’s not that I have a fascination of death, but more how society deals with death. In western culture, people die and you put it away quickly and move on. People are practically like, ‘Aren’t you over it yet?’ I love Mexican culture because death is just an extension of life. You bring the mementos out, you remember those who pass on a regular basis and it makes things not seem so final like it is in western culture.”




“Apparently in Puerto Rico, mask making is foundational in their arts. I thought that was so interesting. I look back and wonder that some things are innately inside of you…part of the connection you feel to things that weren’t necessarily part of the culture you were raised in.”



“I feel like my love of makeup came from my grandmother. My grandmother was gorgeous. She was a diva. Purse, shoes, outfit…all put together all the time. Never left the house undone. She let me play with her makeup and wear her jewelry. It just was a part of my art.”


The first day of 7th grade was the best day of my life. It was the first day I could wear makeup. My mom bought me a little palette and I wore every color in it! Lash line to brow stripes of the shadow colors. I thought I was the sh*t and I looked crazy! Since that day, makeup was a part of my life. I’m currently taking on permanent makeup (at Sidney Le Beauty)…taking my makeup skills and understanding of color and art so I’m able to impact someone on a permanent basis.

“I don’t know how not to make art. I cannot live without it. There are always things I’m thinking of. I can see things in my minds eye, completed. Whether it’s a makeup or a sculpture. I see it before I finish it. Because of that, I have to do it. I see it already completed, so I’m compelled to do it.  It’s not what I want tomake, it becomes what I need to make. Pain, grief, and sorrow are universal themes. Not everyone understands my art but when I see the people who are impacted by it, it makes me happy.”


“As I get older and I sculpt more faces…I think of all of the faces that I’ve touched. People share their vulnerabilities with you when you’re doing their makeup, they tell you sad things. That has helped me become a better artist. And those skills are incorporated. Like my sculptures even get lashes and I paint on their makeup. It gives it a special aesthetic because of my makeup background.”




“Doing someone’s makeup is important. It changes them and they can feel good about themselves. You have the chance to negate what they think. Everyone sits down and has something bad to say about themselves. I get to say, ‘What are you talking about? I don’t see that, I see this…’ That keeps me doing what I’m doing.” 



Cheers to Masks, Makeup, and the Abilty to help someone see their true self,





December 10, 2015

Selena Navarrete: Painter, Sculptor, Makeup Artist

Ashley Bryditzki! A long time friend and person I collaborate with…please give her a warm welcome as she officially joins the Polish and Pout family!

Ash is a master stylist! Always in the know for what the latest and greatest is for hair products, trends, and styles…Hair question? Ask away…New cut or color? Ash is your girl!…Need us for your wedding or next special event? We got you covered!

Here are some of her beauty favorites…

SO ecstatic to have Ash as Polish and Pout’s Lead Hairstylist! Exciting things ahead to be sure…


Cheers to Bobby-pins, Biosilk, and Bedhead,


April 17, 2012

Introducing…Lead Hairstylist for Polish and Pout…

Skin changes in the winter, and even though Spring is around the corner and it may be sunny, it’s still cold and windy! Sometimes we dry out or or struggle with dullness, flakiness…

Enter Maggie, with 10 years in the beauty industry under her belt, licensed esthetician, fashion blogger, and –all around amazingly gorgeous super sweet hard to hate her even though you kinda want to cuz she’s perfect–to answer our questions and help those of us struggling with our skin changing right now!

Exfoliation is key. No matter your skin type is everyone creates a build up of dead skin causing that dull, drab appearance. Most sensitive skin types prefer a chemical form of exfoliation. For example fruit enzymes or resurfacing acids (glycolic). This type of exfoliation sits on the surface of the skin and eats away the dead skin. A physical form of exfoliation is best for a more tolerable or thicker skin type. Physical meaning a scrub with granules used in a circular motion to remove dead skin.

Maggie recommends: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads (MD Skincare) for chemical exfoliation, and Canyon Ranch Radiance Scrub for physical

At home, start exfoliating every third day if you have never exfoliated before. After about a month, bump up to every other day then eventually, depending on your skin type, every day. Make sure the product you are using is intended for daily use once you get to that point. Otherwise, you may end up desensitizing your skin. If you prefer to go see a professional, your go-to service for chemical exfoliation will be a glycolic peel. For physical form, get a type of microdermabrasion!

So why does our skin change in the winter?

Your skin is a protective organ. When you are exposed to extreme climate changes your skin goes into protective mode and retains all it’s internal moisture causing that tight dry feeling. The best thing to do is properly exfoliate and continually hydrate through the winter months.

Maggie recommends Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer for normal to dry skin or Avene Light Hydrating Cream for normal to oily skin.

Thanks Maggie for the advice! Stay tuned for more of Maggie’s favs this month!

Cheers to Exfoliating, Hydrating, and Fabulous Skin no matter the season,


March 10, 2012

Help! My Skin Is…

I know I keep saying this but I am SO thrilled for the new season that we are on the brink of! Every start of a new season feels like a mini new years celebration.  A clean slate.  A new start.  A chance to be different. Some of the changes will be small: some new clothes, richer face cream.  And some will be much more important: a new hobby, a bigger adventure.  

And with all of the anticipated change I cannot help but think of someone dear to me who will be having a HUGE change: my sister…she is having a baby in a few weeks.  Our family is so excited, this will be the second grandchild this year.  My niece joined us last month.  My nephew is expected to join us this month.

My sister of course took pics to show off her bump (and I of course did the hair and makeup)…what better way to show the change that is occuring in her life than to theme the shoot like a roadtrip?? lydiaphotography.com took all of these lovely pics by the way (you should check out her other amazing work!)…

My sister is wearing one of my favorite foundations of all time: Dior’s Forever foundation…flawless coverage, and amazingly long wearing.  Definitely worth the money…if you like coverage but want to not look cakey give this one a shot!

So cheers to new roads…

To singing loud…



And to loved ones who join us on our journey…



September 11, 2011

A New Road…

Lipstick really is a solution to life’s many problems: Feeling a little down? Lipstick! Out of blush? Lipstick! Need to look done-up in a hurry? Lipstick!



That being said, one trend I am really going to enjoy this Fall is a bold pout! And what’s so great about this trend is that it is not the usual plums that are in…colors that we usually would associate with warmer weather will be the way to go!

Hmm…you know what else is great about lipstick? That even when I can’t afford a new wardrobe or expensive handbag, I can go to the makeup counter and pick up a new shade of lipstick and feel like a million bucks!

Here is a dose of Lip-spiration to get you going today…



So Cheers to Lipstick and other inexpensive pick-me-ups!


September 2, 2011

What a loud mouth!!

Fall is practically here!  Can you smell it?  Between the boots I just bought, the metallic nail polish I have on, and the pumpkin spice candle burning next to me I can almost imagine that its October…right?  Right?  Anyone?

Ok so maybe Fall isn’t quite in swing that much but it is still practically here!  Just take a look inside your local department store and you’ll know what I mean!  It may still be hot here in California where I am but the fashion calendar has moved forward and I am ecstatic!

Why you ask? Because it means change…the good kind!  New wardrobe possibilities, deeper fragrances, fun makeup looks, and maybe even new hair color…not to mention the eventual change in weather and yummy treats (Apple Hill anyone?)!

Where to begin with all of the fun this new season will bring???  Enter: Polish and Pout.  Yup, my new beauty blog, finally up…

You may not have your own personal makeup artist or styling team (or maybe you do??? hmm…), but at  least here we can be friends and talk about all things beauty related…

So take a look around my site…and always feel free to get in touch!

Cheers to Fall, to change for the better, and to OUR new beauty adventures!



August 30, 2011

Change is in the air!